Advertising Options


Complete customization is what you need to make sure that the WEBiP interface reaches its maximum usability.  We provide the WEBiP service at an incredibly low rate to make sure that even the smallest business can utilize this innovative service.  One of the ways we subsidize that is by providing multiple advertising options for those who wish to enhance the connection point.




Since the WEBiP interface provides a captive audience to these advertising spots, it is natural that other companies will desire the use of these facilities.  Any spots not purchased by the WEBiP subscriber can be purchased by any other company.


We can assist you with targeting your intended audience based on company types.  If you provide PC components, for instance, then we could help you target those using WEBiP to connect with Computer tech support or internet service support.  If you sell convenience kitchen products then we can target your ads toward people using WEBiP to order food.


For WEBiP subscribers, the advertising options are the ultimate way to complete the customer service experience.  We can help you to convert the entire page to assimilate the look and feel of your corporate website or we can help you to design the WEBiP interface to become your website’s primary information portal.  There are limitless possibilities.


Please refer to the image below for image reference points when viewing the price sheet.

Fill out the form at the right side of the page in order to communicate your advertising wishes and we will be able to provide you with more details via email or you may CALL US NOW.