WEBiP’s simple connection interface allows it to be connected to virtually any online solution as a direct access point.  Since the core of WEBiP’s appeal is the direct personal connection, the only limit to applications is one’s imagination.

Here we have listed the most compelling applications and those which clearly will allow one business to have distinct advantages over competition by implementing WEBiP first and best.


Let your guests experience your hospitality before they even arrive!
Whether your business is a hotel, resort, spa or a travel agency your business hinges on the ability to provide comfort and service to guests in order to maximize the quality of their stay whether for business or pleasure.

Guests with special concerns can communicate quickly and easily to get those concerns solved.  Clients needing unique arrangements due to disability, age or group size can be ensured that all of their needs are met quickly and efficiently.

With the personal connection in WEBiP you can establish a virtual concierge to handle all the needs of your guests before they arrive and ensure that every moment spent with your establishment is the perfection of their wishes.  Better communication not only ensures better service, but a higher rate of return customers.

Contact Centers

Provide an added layer of service for your clients and prevent customer service nightmares with WEBiP.

The telephone is a de-humanizing tool; when an upset customer calls into a contact center it is easy for them to project anger and frustration on an innocent agent.  Now the agent is upset and frustrated along with the customer and what could have been resolved simply now gets escalated into a customer service nightmare! Supervisors have to get involved, customers have to be appeased and the customer service agent has new fodder for a scathing blog entry about bad customers.

Now, replace the telephone with a video call, your agent is now a smiling face in front of a camera instead of a disembodied voice on the telephone. The customer sees a smiling face and the first layer of anger and frustration melts.

WEBiP puts the personal warmth back into the customer contact scenario and this will help solve customer problems in a more efficient way with less abuse of agents and far fewer escalations.  Customers will be inherently happier simply knowing that they are talking to a real person whose face they know rather than Agent #42369.

Get WEBiP today and make customer contact personal again.

Healthcare Facilities

Telemedicine is rapidly becoming a vital tool for physicians of all sorts.  Conventional telemedicine solutions are great for professional collaboration but are often too cumbersome for patient contact; WEBiP fills the gap for you.

Post-op patients, long term care and medical tourists will all be able to benefit from a quick and easy connection to their primary care physician or attending nurses to make sure that recovery and at-home care is being handled properly.  WEBiP will allow medical professionals to see the progress of healing, assess the patient’s physical responses and generally comprehend more of what is going on with the patient than would ever be possible via telephone. 

How many patients do you care for that have difficulty traveling due to age or chronic condition? Imagine letting them stay at home for most of the basic office visit requirements. Why risk a patient tearing an operation site to travel for a post-op visit, just schedule time on WEBiP and let the healing continue uninterrupted.

Aside from monitoring patients, healthcare facilities engaged in medical tourism as a primary patient base would have the ability to build a doctor-patient rapport and ensure that all customer concerns are laid to rest long before he or she even arrives.

Take care of more patients in more ways with WEBiP.


Increase the level of audience interaction with WEBiP!
Imagine how much more exciting your call-in contests and audience participation segments will be when they are accompanied by a live video call!  If you have a game show then at-home participants can really work together with in-studio contestants to make the program more engaging and exciting.  News programs can request call-in via WEBiP for any eyewitnesses to breaking news events.

If you have a start-up webcasting program or internet TV station, WEBiP is an affordable and easy way to conduct interviews and provide access.

Media is changing every day to innovate and bring information exchange to the audience; let WEBiP become a part of your newest change!

Delivery Services

When parcels and items are entrusted to your care, it can be scary to get a request to change delivery in mid-transit by the shipper or receiver.  Often delivery services refuse to amend based on this fear of future consequences could there be fraud.  With WEBiP these fears are set aside as a live video call can verify identity and ensure that you are talking to the right individual authorized to make such a requested change.

As with any communication, face to face exchanges are less likely to end in confrontation and anger, a client upset because deliveries are not made in the time expected or when a parcel encounters difficulty in transit can become violent over the phone.  Replace the disembodied voice with a smiling customer service representative and watch your customer service ratings increase!

Provide more service in a better way with WEBiP.

Restaurant & Catering

Click-to-order programs online can be confusing and overly complicated, but phone order systems are hard to centralize; the question of how to bridge the gap is now answered with WEBiP.  With a single click on your website the customer can simply explain directly what is wanted and provide clear directions for delivery.

In the case of catering needs a client would be able to see the differences between different food options and select presentations based on visual clues rather than descriptions. This will greatly reduce the risk of disappointment that comes when a client visualizes something different from what was described. 

Consider how much time is wasted with back and forth descriptions of food items with a hungry or anxious customer on the other end getting more and more frustrated. Think of how much time will be saved and mistakes will be avoided if the customer could see directly what you are trying to explain. Many people are terrible at giving directions and rely heavily on hand signals and gestures; now you can be sure that any directions given are clearly received to prevent misdirection and failed delivery attempts.

WEBiP ensures that your customers get the best out of your service every time and keep them coming back to order again and again.


Whether you have an online store on your own website or have multiple accounts on auction and selling websites to promote your wares WEBiP is your edge in the marketplace.  One of the greatest disadvantages that an exclusively online company has is the complete lack of a physical location to lodge complaints or to get service issues resolved.  Not only does this create distrust among potential customers but can create a nightmare for you in successfully addressing customer service issues.

WEBiP bridges this gap between E-commerce and the neighborhood shopping center by connecting you directly with your customer in a way that promotes natural exchange of information.  The ability to engage in a live video call not only puts a face to the virtual company but allows you to build rapport and trust with your customers.  That rapport is further used to correct any issues which may arise and result in consistently positive customer service interactions.

You do not need to have your own website in order to use WEBiP; the click-to-call button can be put in emails, online auction listings, anywhere at all that HTML can be used!  Even without HTML you can provide a link that will go directly to your WEBiP virtual phone to let customers call you!

Bring your E-Business out of the virtual stall and interact with your clients in real-time with WEBiP.