Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WEBiP?

A: WEBiP is a Live Interactive Customer Support service which features video call integration. This telecommunications innovation provides the face-to-face contact that customers crave (and get through conventional brick-and-mortar stores) in the e-commerce environment. The WEBiP interface connects customers directly with companies with an access link on the company website.

Q: Do I have to download or install any software?

No, the Active X console downloads into your browser automatically so there is no separate software for you or your customers to use.

Q: Do I need a server or high bandwidth to be able to use video calls?

No, the video and audio is handled by the BiP Networks servers so it does not increase bandwidth consumption on your own website. Any PC with high speed internet can access and use the WEBiP interface.

Q: How does WEBiP save my company money?

A: WEBiP eliminates or reduces the dependency on expensive toll-free numbers. For one low monthly rate you can have unlimited video calls through WEBiP directly through your website. Other click-to-call interfaces charge fees per minute and require routing through a local phone exchange. WEBiP instead lets you use any PC to receive the video call instantly for no added charges. Please see How is WEBiP better than a toll-free number? for a more complete breakdown of the savings.

Q: What am I buying exactly when I purchase WEBiP?

You are getting unlimited contact with your worldwide customer base at the click of a mouse. The WEBiP portal is connected into your website with a simple link. Your customer will simply click on the link and be transported to your WEBiP interface.

Q: Why are there ads in the WEBiP interface?

A: There are ad spaces in the WEBiP interface window in order to subsidize the cost and make WEBiP affordable for even the smallest business. Those ad spaces can be purchased and used by your company to maximize your presence in the interface and to provide additional information to your clients while they are waiting or being entertained by your staff. Please talk to your WEBiP agent for more details on customizing the interface for your company.

Q: How do I use WEBiP once I buy it?

A: Simply use the HTML code provided by your BiP Networks representative and create the clickable link in your website. You have also been given a set of passwords and a direct access link for your control panel. Once you use these to log into your control panel online, then your clients anywhere in the world can click on the link and make the web-enabled call. You simply accept the call and start talking! Your video and audio will stream through our servers to lighten the load on your website and to make adjustments for individual connection speed.

Q: Can I use the WEBiP link anywhere besides my webpage?

A: YES! Since the WEBiP link is an HTML code it can be used on social networking sites, online auctions, emails and anywhere else that HTML code can be inserted! Use your imagination and expand your market with WEBiP!

Q: Why is WEBiP important for an E-Commerce business?

A: Studies have shown that nearly half of all online shoppers abandon the buying process because they cannot get the answer they want or cannot get access to customer service. WEBiP solves this problem in a very dynamic way. Since WEBiP is a video call interface it allows you to create the face-to-face connection that customers still go to conventional stores for. It will enable you to answer any question and give direct access to your customers to call you for free no matter where they are in the world.

Q: How is WEBiP better than a toll-free number?

A: Toll Free numbers are often limited to geographic areas and your website is seen anywhere in the world. Domestic Toll-Free numbers cost a lot of money; in fact the average toll-free number based in the USA will cost a company approximately 4 cents per minute. Since each customer service call lasts an average of 15 minute that is 60 cents per call. Since that means you can take an average of 32 calls per 8-hour shift you are spending $19.20 per shift, or $96 per week; $384 per month. WEBiP costs only $50 or less (based on volume of “seats”) per month for an unlimited connection to your customers. That is a savings of 87% in the scenario above! Imagine how much more you will save if you are running the toll-free number on a 12-hour or 24 hour basis!

Consider if you are running an international exchange, international toll-free calls cost an average of $6 PER CALL that means that by taking only 3 calls per day via WEBiP you could save 90% over the cost of taking those same calls via the international toll-free number! WEBiP is not confined to any geographic areas and it will allow anyone, anywhere in the world to call you at no charge to the customer and all you pay is a flat monthly rate!

Q: What is a BiP?

A: BiP stands for Best Internet Phone and is the cornerstone of BiP Networks. BiP Networks provides telecommunications solutions for companies and consumers alike. Please visit our corporate website at for all our solutions or for consumer products and services.

Q: Can I make phone calls from WEBiP?

A: At this time WEBiP can only make calls to other BiP devices such as the BiPbox, MOBiP and USBiP.

Q: Can I turn off the Video?

: Yes, the video feature can be disabled if you are in an area where you do not wish to be seen or if other issues arise which make a video call impractical at the time such as poor internet connection.