WEBiP is a completely web-based communication tool created to revolutionize E-commerce.

Our click-to-talk with video program is accessible through your website with the click of a button.  The program itself runs on our servers and therefore consumes no additional bandwidth for your website.

WEBiP contact can even be added to your email signature, online auctions or social networking page by inserting the HTML code to let your customers communicate with you from anywhere on the web.

The call interface is completely customizable; you can choose a simple basic interface or an intricate collection of information and promotional items to introduce your customer to more of your company’s products and services. (Click on the “Advertising Options” link for more details)

Easy To Use

Many other click to talk programs can be confusing to use or difficult to integrate.
With WEBiP, just take the HTML code provided and use it to create a call button on your website (if you need assistance with this step we can help). Once the link is in place you simply login to your user console in order to receive calls.

Then all your customer has to do is click the link to be transported to the call interface.  There, they simply type their name and location into the interface and click “call” and you will be able to receive a customer immediately via live video call.

Now even the smallest business can join the big time and compete in the global marketplace.

Worldwide Access

Since WEBiP is completely web-based, you can login from any PC in the world to access your account and receive customer calls.  Additionally, anyone in the world can click the link; there are no geographic limitations and no added fees.

With WEBiP service, you will be able to access customers that you never knew existed and bring your products or services to anyone in the world.

Getting a website is only the first step; if your communication is limited then your business is limited.  WEBiP will help you communicate with the world to increase your sales and maximize your website.

Your business deserves worldwide exposure. Your business deserves WEBiP

Low Rates

WEBiP can provide your business with a structure which will result in flat monthly fees for service.  We will work with you to determine how many contact points you need in order to handle the estimated call volume.

There are no minimums and no limits, whether you are a home-based business that only needs one contact point or a corporation which needs hundreds; we will customize WEBiP for you.

Other click-to-call or click-to-talk services will hook you in with a low monthly service rate and then charge you per call connection fees and for minute of use, when this happens your savings are greatly reduced.

WEBiP provides completely unlimited access, so all you pay is the monthly service fee based on your customized WEBiP access and talk as much as you want or need with your worldwide customer base.

Check out the potential savings of taking just three calls per day using WEBiP instead of a toll-free number:

According to ContactBabel’s 2010 report the average inbound call costs about $6.
If you take 3 calls per day for a month that comes to a total of $540 for one month of inbound calls.

The WEBiP solution can be rolled out for $50 or less (depending on quantity of seats) as a flat monthly rate with no connection fees and no per-minute charges.

Imagine that, a savings of $390 per customer service agent for only three inbound calls per month using WEBiP instead of conventional toll-free exchanges.

Release your dependency on toll-free numbers with WEBiP!
Since anyone in the world can contact you online, your toll-free traffic will drop significantly which means substantial savings and the ability to lower prices to compete more aggressively.

To get a custom quote and start saving today, CONTACT US now.

Better Customer Service

Surveys have shown that more than half of online shoppers leave websites without making intended purchases because they opted to buy in a conventional store or simply could not get enough information.

Communication is the cornerstone of the sales process. WEBiP will enhance your communication with potential customers by allowing you to answer questions while they are still on the website and are still interested and excited in your products or services.

It is also a well known fact that half of all communication is done via nonverbal cues that cannot be conveyed via telephone or chat interfaces.  Get WEBiP and connect to the other half of your conversations.  Communicate more effectively and demonstrate more efficiently by using every aspect of human communication.

The one major barrier found in e-commerce is that personal relationships between customer and business are minimal and therefore customer loyalty, trust and overall satisfaction perception has been dropping. WEBiP puts the personal touch into what many had considered an impersonal mode of commerce.  WEBiP redefines the e-commerce game and helps businesses get back in to win.

Get WEBiP today and give your customers the quality service that they deserve.

Maximize Your Website

Since WEBiP works directly on your website, as clients and customers begin using it more and more to talk with you then your traffic will increase making it easier to find your company through online searches.  The best part of this is that you don’t have to worry about increased bandwidth costs for your website since the actual program is hosted on our secure servers.  For many years BiP Networks has been providing VoIP solutions for corporations and individuals alike, our strong backbone of digital communications ensures that WEBiP always works when you need it to and provides consistent quality.

With the emergence of new web technologies, the casual internet shopper is going to be expecting more and more interaction from websites.  Web 1.0 provided information while Web 2.0 brought about social interaction and sharing of ideas; emerging Web 3.0 technologies like WEBiP complete the circle of interaction by providing a real-time live connection point.

Additionally, your WEBiP interface can be completely customized to reflect your company’s unique identity, promote specials and update customers on new products and services.

Get WEBiP today and let them call you from your website!